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Application Develpment

Trident Digital Technologies efficiently delivers applications and services with robust performance and maximum security and control while optimizing costs. Drive down operational costs with a virtualized or cloud-based applications infrastructure and immediate response. It’s all about a comprehensive approach to breaking down the silos and unifying your platforms! The goal is to deliver better software and hardware applications faster without sacrificing quality.

VoIP With VirtualTone

Imagine Your Ideal Phone Solution and We'll Build It: VTONE Max, VTONE Ultra, and VTONE Enterprise. Contact us to learn more!

Broadcast, Lecture, Recording, and Streaming

We design, implement, test and support highly dependable, scalable, and secure recording for Broadcast, Lecture/Training Capture and streaming of your live events.  Our solutions include: Lecture Capture and Streaming, Broadcast recording or streaming, VDN Video Networks, and much more.

Structured Cabling

We design, implement, test and support highly dependable, scalable, and secure network cabling systems.  Our cabling offerings include:​ Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7 Shielded/Un-shielded, Twisted Pair, Voice/Data,Thinnet/Thicknet Coax, LMR, Copper and Fiber 10/40GbE Connectivity for Campus & Data Center Applications, Fiber Optic Cabling, Fusion Splicing, Outside Plant Cabling, Data cabling for Wireless Wi-Fi Networks, as well as, Access Point Installation​, Network testing, troubleshooting and certification with NetScout (and Fluke Networks) One Touch AT testing and certification equipment. 

Managed Services

Trident Digital Technologies provides professional and proactive maintenance service for your IT and AV systems. Depending on the level of support your organization requires, we utilize monitoring and remote management for all IT/AV and Telecom systems at the customer’s site. ​ ​In order to cover all components, layers and aspects which may impact the resulting availability of your systems, a huge span of know-how and experience in a wealth of technologies and software products is required. This cannot be expected from your local IT or AV team. ​ ​Trident Digital Technologies offers an array of services which take full responsibility for the availability of all components of your critical IT systems. Our developed methodology combined with a professional team of experts in all disciplines is the definite answer and solution to this challenge. ​ We also offer our Remote management and monitoring platform to help you maintain a proactive approach to your network support and management, rather than a reactive one. Imagine knowing about issues before they become a problem.

Pro Audio/Video

We are your one-stop shop for collaboration, design, consulting, installation, integration, support and service of your audio/video needs for the following applications: Churches, Educational Institutions K-12 and Higher Education, Hospitals, Corporate / Commercial, Department of Defense, Hospitality / Restaurants, Video and Audio-Conferencing Systems, CCTV and Surveillance Systems, Environmental Lighting, Digital Signage, and more.


In conjuction with our Structured Cabling Services, we provide a wide variety of networking services.  Including, but not limited to:​ Network Troubleshooting (Brocade, Dell, HP, Cisco, Avaya, 3Com), Network Design & Scalability (Brocade, Dell, HP, Cisco), Network Security (Fortinet, TippingPoint, Cisco ASA, LANGuard), Network Server Design/Deployment/Consulting, Dell Registered Partner, Indoor/Outdoor Wireless/Wi-Fi Networking (Aruba, Fortinet, HP, Cisco, SonicWall, Meru), Wireless Network Design/Survey/Troubleshoot (Utilizing AirMagnet).

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