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Video Conferencing
Huddle Space Technology

From the Classroom to the Boardroom


In need of a Conference Room, Conference Venue, Training or Classroom Audio Video technology that is not in a box, but in your head?

You ask, what are you talking about?  I am talking about a design based on your needs and not what is based on a single manufacturer or what comes in a myriad of boxes for Audio Video Technologies.  You know what you want or need, but have not found it with the competition, and some of those are the Big names in Audio Video, but are they really innovators?  Only you can decide that.  However, at Trident Digital Technologies we are partnered with the Best in Class companies that are on the leading edge of technology when it comes to Audio Video distance learning, conferencing, training, collaboration, remote office and huddle space technologies.

We design your Audio Video needs based on your specific requirement and your budget.  We believe that not all Audio Video designs are the same and that each client is unique and that is how we approach your specific requirement and needs.

We stay on the leading edge of technology in the Audio Video Collaboration space to ensure we give our clients the latest best in Class without breaking the budget.  Can we do the costly and expensive in the box or manufacturer specific products that are guaranteed to be top dollar, but not always Top shelf or Best in Class.  Just because it is a big name, does not mean Best in Class or Best in Performance.

Our reputation has been built on designing collaboration technologies that perform Best in Class without breaking the bank.  Our commitment to our clients and potential clients is we will never quit in ensuring your collaboration space will be Best in Class and Best in Performance.  That is why we have chosen manufacturers, like Aurora Multimedia, QSC, Shure, Audio Technica, Yamaha, Sony, HuddleCam HD, BenQ, Samsung, QOMO, and more.

We believe in doing it right the first time or it is not worth doing.

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