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Managed Services

What is Managed services? 


Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. This can include outsourcing IT, AV, HR-activities, production support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities.


​How are you managing your IT and AV Departments today?  Does your IT Department understand how to manage and integrate your AV systems into one manageable solution?  Does your AV company understand your IT Network and how to integrate or manage one or both?  The answer is usually one department or vendor is the subject matter expert for usually one or the other, but not both.  This usually proves to be a challenge to manage, deploy and maintain for most companies and quite expensive.

Trident Digital Technologies was founded on the priniciple of service and solutions based on the needs of our clients.  That means we need to be able to understand the uniqueness of each client, and how they conduct their day to day operations.  It also means, we need to be the subject matter expert in the areas that our clients have a need.  We can either fill a gap, or provide a complete end to end solution.

Trident Digital Technologies provides professional and proactive maintenance service for your IT and AV systems.  Depending on the level of support your organization requires, we will utilize monitoring and remote management for all IT/AV and Telecom systems at the customer’s site.

In order to cover all components, layers and aspects which may impact the resulting availability of your systems, a huge span of know-how and experience in a wealth of technologies and software products is required.  This cannot be expected from your local IT or AV team.

​That is why Trident Digital Technologies offers an array of services which take full responsibility for the availability of all components of your critical IT or AV Systems.  Our developed methodology combined with a professional team of experts in all disciplines is the definite answer and solution to this challenge.

We have a state of the art management system to manage our client's and to better provide support during the life cycle of their business.  Imagine being able to send an email and receive an immediate response letting you know your request has been received and each time there has been something done you receive an email message with additional information about the status of your request whether it is for service, installation, sales; no matter the need until that request has been completed and closed.  What if it were as easy as logging into the web and using a portal for your company, that could even be embeded into your company website?  Imagine being able to immediately request a support request or service and not only receive updates but, at your convenience log in to see the status of any ticket or request, past or present.  Or a knowledge base based on actual service tickets for your company, see your invoices for service and their status...that time is now and is part of the service we will provide you.  At Trident Digital Technologies, we continue to find new and improved ways to service your needs quickly and efficiently.  We will keep you informed at every step and have a history on the service we provide you. Does your organization have that ability or your current vendors?


Imagine having a IT Support team that can remotely manage and monitor your entire IT environment, optimizing support technician inefficiencies and being able to diagnose, patch and resolve issues without having to wait when the next technician is available.  What if your IT problems could be found before they find you?  This the next phase of our managed service options we have deployed.  Giving us the ability to do more remotely for our clients providing the next step in service and efficiency to a complex environment. More information to follow as we work to deploy this state of the art remote management and monitoring platform into our existing system to serve our clients. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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