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We not only bring the best of live sound and digital signage to your establishment, we can also design/build any plans you may have for your business. Not only will we design/build your needs and bring you the best equipment, we will also maintain any equipment as the need arises.


We cover everything from restaurants to hotels and live venues, ensuring that your technology is up to snuff for you and your customers.

We do:

  • VoIP

  • Digital signage

  • Integration control systems

  • Conferencing systems

  • Kiosks

  • Display systems

  • Digital video projection systems

  • Venue sound systems

  • And more!

The owners, Don King and his partner Cliff McElroy, are long time friends of our President and when they were needing a company who could handle installing their phones, audio system, surveillance cameras, office computers and televisions for the bar, including all the cabling, they knew that we could install what they needed and that we would beat the competition.  Also, they would not need multiple vendors, instead one vendor could do everything.


Not only were we able to be ready for the opening, we also gave them a system that would grow with their needs because we designed the entire network and systems to be easily upgraded and added onto.

Check out their site Here.

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