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Distance learning is a growing sector in higher education with many options and challenges. Most of which are costly and have there own technical challenges during deployment.  This means that the IT staff at the higher education facilities are left with the challenge of finding the technology that they can easily deploy and with a reasonable cost.  This puts most of the best technology out of reach until now. 

When the Director of IT and the Assistant Dean of Students at Dallas Christian College in Dallas were looking for a way to make their Hybrid classrooms better without the cost.  They asked a question no one else could answer.  Could they have a hybrid classroom system that worked on the same back bone of their network and in the future be something that could be managed remotely and controlled? 

Today they now have the Third phase of what is an industry first...
A cost-effective smart classroom technology that fits the need and the client without the expensive cost and without the majority of the equipment in the classroom.  An easy-to-use user interface and a system that can be remotely controlled or maintained. ​

Welcome to the next generation of hybrid smart classroom technology from Trident Digital Technologies.

The platform is ​a flat open architecture design which is scalable from a simple standalone solution to an enterprise wide technology.  All designed and integrated with the client in mind, not the manufacturer.

Click the Dallas Christian College logo visit their home page.
Click one of the FLEX images to take a look at their Online Campus.
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