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Our Team

Corporate Overview

Trident Digital Technologies was founded on the spirit of innovation and out of the box thinking.  So, that our clients and their needs come first.  Our mission is to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, identify the challenges that they face, design solutions that resolve those challenges and supports their organization's goals and success.

​The Trident Digital Technology team is comprised of professionals, who have a combination of more than 50 years experience in Information Technology, Voice, Professional A/V, Structured Cabling and more.  At Trident Digital Technologies, we are dedicated to service our customers based on their needs and not a specific manufacturer.

Corporate Responsibility

We have a strong commitment to ethics as it is critical to our long-term success as a company.  The message for each employee is clear: any success that is not achieved ethically or done right at first is no success at all.  At Trident Digital Technologies, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and we will not tolerate anything less.

As a company we strive to conduct business ethically, honestly, in accordance with the company's values and Code of Business Conduct (COBC), and in full compliance with all laws and regulations.


At Trident Digital Technologies, we are about the needs of the client, and their budget...not about a box.  Because we develop solutions that are outside of the box, and are easy to deploy and support, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership during the life cycle.  We challenge you to find another company dedicated to developing solutions to your needs without completely emptying your pockets or costing more than is necessary during the life cycle of the project, or hardware.

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