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Dallas Christian College Chooses Trident for new State of the Art Network and Wi-Fi on campus.

Dallas Christian College has chosen Trident Digital Technologies, to provide them with State of the Art Switching and Wi-Fi Network. With our partner Ruckus Networks we will be installing a Fiber Core and multi-Gig edge stack in the Data Center with a 100Gigbit backplane and 100Gigabit uplinks at the MDF Data Center and Multi-Gig switches to the other 4 IDF or Data Closet locations across the campus. We are also installing two mesh linked Wi-Fi 6 outdoor Access Points, indoor hospitality Access Points for the two Dorms and the new R750 Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 Access points in the Administration/Classrooms and common areas on campus.

This will provide the students in their dorm rooms to Wi-Fi 6 access and 4 1 Gigabit ports to connect via CAT6 Patch cables directly via wire to their IOT devices, Gaming Systems and PC or other devices they have in their rooms. We will also have improved visibility to the network, security and users to improve and monitor the network. Keeping it safe and secure for all who come on campus.

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